Being the main part of the general physical culture in society, sport, as a way…

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Immediate Evex recensioni
Rhythmic gymnastics for children and not only
Rhythmic gymnastics - is one of the most fascinating sports. The speakers of the girls…

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Sport during pregnancy
Many future mothers, especially during the first pregnancy, behave as if carrying a child is…


Horse polo
Equestrian polo is one of the most ancient sports. "Sport of Kings" - this is…


“In aikido, we don’t rely on weapons or brute force to achieve a goal, instead…

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special techniques


One of the brightest and most popular events on the planet is the Olympic Games. Any athlete who has managed to take the podium at the Olympic competitions, receives the status of Olympic champion for life and his achievements remain in the world history of sports for centuries. Where and how did the Olympics originate and what is their story? Let’s try to make a brief insight into the history of the occurrence and holding of the Olympic Games.


The Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece, where they were not only a sport but also a religious holiday. Continue reading


Rule one: you must be a model of bodybuilding devotion.

In order to squeeze the result to the maximum at the end of each cycle, you must be 200% devoted to your favorite work – bodybuilding. Any outside interests will only bother you. The most difficult thing here is to find a reasonable balance between fanaticism and the interests of loved ones. After all, training is your own business. Your hobby should not “seize the age” of your neighbors.

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Record Tournament Vladimir Dolganov

Young skiers of the Omsk region won 17 medals in the tournament of Vladimir Dolganov. This result was a record for the entire history of the Omsk performances in competitions named after the famous countryman.

VI All-Russian competition “Festival of youth sports of the Omsk region in cross-country skiing” for the prizes of the master of sports of international class Vladimir Dolganov ended in the sports and recreation camp “Alpine”. Continue reading