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Deadlift - one of the most important basic exercises in bodybuilding and powerlifting Benefit The deadlift is a complex, multi-articular exercise, in which more muscles take part than in any…

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Motivational problems. What happens to Kaisheva?

Vitaliy Noritsyn, the senior coach of the Russian women’s national team, actually accused Ulyana Kaisheva, a participant in the Olympic Games in Pkhenchkhane, because her weak results this season are motivational. The athlete, who started the season in the main team, where she was included by the decision of the coaches, was removed from the first team after the stage in Hochfilzen and is now preparing for the IBU Cup in Arber. What is the reason for the failure of Kaisheva and whether she can return to the main team?

Three experts, who were and are directly related to working with the biathlete, expressed their assumptions.

January 12th. Ruhpolding Anton Shipulin.
Justice in Russian. Shipulin was not included in the national team
Where does her speed come from?
“I communicated with Ulyana before the New Year in Izhevsk, and she came to my home in Mozhga — she was all sick,” said Alexey Korotayev, the first coach of Kaisheva, who had worked with her since the fourth grade of secondary school. – Apparently, she caught a cold when she went to the Canadian embassy to do a visa at a stage in Canmore. Then Zhenya Pavlova and coach Vitaly Noritsyn caught a chill.

I can not say that it was with Ulyana, but at the end of December she is periodically ill. Her airways are clogged. So it was all the time that she worked with me, and nothing has changed. The same picture was last season. She was even ill before the Youth Olympics in Innsbruck.

– Are you aware of her preparation for the season? What is the reason for such weak performances at the World Cup in Pokljuka and Hochfilzen?

– The answer to this question can only give the coaching staff of the national team, where she prepared. To speak in more detail, you need to study all her sports diaries and coaching plans and compare with past years. I can only say one thing: when I asked Uliana about the details of the preparation, she said that more than 50 percent of the time she worked in the first and second zones. Where, then, will she have speed? The first and second zone is not a job for an athlete of this level. But such was the deliberate decision of the coaching staff – to work that way.

– Do you disagree with the opinion that Kaisheva is an accelerator that won almost everything in rivalry with peers and was blown away when going to an adult level?

– Of course not. What is acceleration? The most ordinary girl. In Udmurtia, there were girls stronger and more powerful. Yes, and she did not go so that to win absolutely all starts, each victory came through a lot of work. I just tried to always put it to work with seniors. She was born in 1994, and she trained together with 1992 or even 1990. She went through a very good school, tried to reach out for her elders, and before the rest she reached a high level.

– No feeling that all the resources Kaysheva already spent?

– Not at all. This is only a matter of preparation for the season. But I am not going to discuss the work of my colleagues, not being fully in the process.

Uliana Kaisheva. Photo Russian Biathlon Union /
Uliana Kaisheva. Photo Russian Biathlon Union /
Kaisheva knocked vkatka in Kontiolahti
– I will not criticize anyone for the eyes, – emphasized the personal trainer of the athlete Mikhail Tkachenko. – I will say this: in the summer there were normal indicators. In my opinion, if in the summer something was wrong, Ulyana needed to tell the coaches about it right there. And then we always have it – at first everything is fine, and when there is no result, wings flap up. This, too, is wrong. But I would not write off anything for summer training.

– What is the problem then?

– My opinion – it was prevented by the roll-in at Kontiolahti, where they ran knee-deep in wet snow. Kaisheva is a tall, textured girl, she stuck in such snow, it did not suit her at all. These conditions completely knocked her out of a rut. What she showed at the stages in Pokljuka and Hochfilzen is not at all her result. And what will happen next is not yet clear, because Uliana was seriously ill.

– Is it a cold?

– Not really. It was close to sore throat. I had to use antibiotics. You probably know that after taking such drugs athletes take a long time to get in shape. Hopefully, in Arbera, she will already start. But it is unlikely to participate in the individual race, she should not do it yet. Of course, I am not a supporter of changes in plans, but health has made its own adjustments.

– How closely did you communicate with Vitaly Noritsyn about Kaisheva in the offseason?

– In the summer there was no such need. It arose when problems began. I think the coaching staff himself did not expect that such a roll-in would turn out – the lighter ones are fine, those who are heavier have difficulties. Katya Yurlova was preparing separately and is now running very well. I am not going to accuse Noritsyn of anything. But also with his words that Kaysheva has motivational problems, I also disagree. Let him tell me that, but I don’t intend to communicate through the media. Besides, I couldn’t contact him in the last couple of days. Let’s look at the state of Ulyana after the stage .

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