"Omsk Hawks" on New Year's Eve twice beat the house "Reactor"
On December 29-30, the Avangard youth team played on the home ice in the children's…

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Смотрите подробности granite company на сайте.
Bulgarian attacks (split squats) technique of execution
Bulgarian attacks or Bulgarian squats (hereinafter referred to as BV) is an exercise without which…

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Tennis on the Internet
Compared to many Olympic sports, tennis is a relatively young sport. In the form in…


It is no secret that before the title of the most favorite game of the…


A modern adult is increasingly trying to move away from the stereotype of "lying on…

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Rhythmic gymnastics for children and not only

Rhythmic gymnastics – is one of the most fascinating sports. The speakers of the girls look like fairies, who easily move around the field on the stage and playfully catch tapes, balls, hoops and at the same time smile so sincerely. In fact, this lightness is achieved by high professionalism and grueling workouts for many years.

This sport is relatively young, it appeared at the end of the XIX century thanks to the professionals from the ballet.For example, Isadora Duncan decided to combine movements from classical ballet with sports to the music – this is how the “free dance” direction was formed.

In 1941, the first rhythmic gymnastics championship of Leningrad was held. After the war (1945), the All-Union Section was created, and after 3 years the USSR Championship was held.

Rhythmic gymnastics has only become an Olympic sport since 1984. At first, only one category was evaluated – individual performances, but after 12 years they also added group ones. Russian athletes four times became the owners of gold for individual performances and the same for the group.

Rhythmic gymnasticsSince 2009, at international competitions, a 30-point grading scale has been applied, in which 12 judges and a coordinating judge participate. A competition is held with one object (hoop, ball, jump rope, ribbon, maces) or with their combination for a composition lasting up to 90 seconds. There are also strict requirements for shells and the appearance of athletes. A swimsuit, for example, should be piece-piece and fit the body well, the size of the cuts is also strictly regulated. But sportswomen have to win not only each other, but also surrounding factors – for example, strong air conditioning flows, due to which satin ribbons strive to tie into a knot, or improper lighting, in which the shadow makes it difficult to calculate the place where objects fall.

In rhythmic gymnastics come from a very early age. In the section of rhythmic gymnastics for children usually take girls from 4 to 8 years old. Children in rhythmic gymnastics develop emotionally, get good skills in rhythm and plastic.

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of many sports in which the rating of our athletes at the international level is very high. Such athletes as Alina Kabaeva, Yulia Barsukova, Evgenia Kanaeva, Natalya Zueva, Margarita Aliychuk are known far beyond the borders of Russia.