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Improve Your Golfing - Master Mind Golf
Tired of all the hype
about the "mental game"?,
Experience real focused Golf
for the first time -
with this incredible CD!
  • help you play relaxed fluid golf
  • lower the level of mental and physical tension
  • fill your mind with positive images
  • increase creativity in shot-making
  • maintain positive composure
  • Take your game to the next level


Developing Powerful Mental Skills and Products to Enhance Your Game
Elite golfers consider mental toughness and the ability to control their mind as an important aspect of their game day preparation and coaching program. These players have had access to golf sport psychologists and consult with them regularly. Now you too can utilize these same psychological coaching principles, learn to achieve optimal peak performance states and begin to play the best golf of your life.

Why is the Mental Game so Important?
Many players can perform well on the practice tee and have developed a sound swing. Indeed learning how to swing properly and gaining an understanding of the nuances of course management is a prerequisite for becoming a good golfer. However, once the basic swing has been mastered the next step is to learn how to manage the thoughts and emotions that inevitably arise during play. The best golfers in the world have learned to maintain emotional equilibrium on the course and channel energy productively. Research demonstrates that anger, anxiety, embarrassment, and fear of failure, can and does combine to create brain states that trigger high emotional arousal within the player. When this happens the fight or flight response is activated and the brain secretes undesirable neurotransmitter substances like nor-epinephrine, which can lead to the release of adrenalin into the muscles. When this arousal occurs, physiological changes occur such as an increase in: heart rate, blood pressure, pulse and blood lactate levels. Blood lactate levels influence muscle tension and that in turn affects the flexibility of the player and ultimately the swing itself. The fight or flight response can also reduce the flow of blood to the hands and other extremities contributing to a subsequent loss of feel for the club. This especially affects putting, even with great golfers, and is often seen in late Sunday afternoon pro tournaments. The secret to managing your game, then, comes down to effectively managing your thoughts and inner dialogue in order to cope with the inevitable frustrations and disappointments involved in golf.

What Products and Services are Available?
This site contains mental tips and free articles in mental coaching, sports psychology, relaxation training, hypnosis, binaural beat technology, and meditation. Mastering the mind game through improved mind body balance, improved brain chemistry and learning to access and then play in THE ZONE are the objectives of our golfing tips, articles and CD products. Our golf coaching programs are some of the best available and are designed to help you acquire the necessary skills to take your game to the next level.

So become your own mental coach, reduce stress and learn mind mastery. Achieving sports excellence is always psychological because the body always follows the mind. Let us become your golf website for golf sport psychology, mental tips, articles and instruction.

Consider the following:

  • the body always follows the mind
  • the brain creates the images
  • the images guide the body
  • all you do is swing the club
You have always known you have the game. Now you can create optimal brain states, both before and during play to truly take your game to the next level and beyond.

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