Horse polo
Equestrian polo is one of the most ancient sports. "Sport of Kings" - this is how many participants in the games call it. Firstly, thanks to the history of this…

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We pull belly muscles
Often, even young women accumulate body fat on the abdomen. However, in general, a woman can be very slim. Very often the protruding abdomen is not an indicator of overweight.…

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Equestrian sport and show jumping in particular.
Since the taming of the horse, she has become an indispensable helper for man. Thanks to her, it was more convenient and much easier to work, travel and participate in…


Bobsleigh is one of the winter Olympic (since 1924) sports, the aim of which is downhill racing along specially equipped ice channels on an elongated sleigh. During the competition, each…


Curling is the only Olympic sport in which athletes wear different shoes - the sole of the left shoe is made of nylon gliding on ice, and the right shoe…

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Rule one: you must be a model of bodybuilding devotion.

In order to squeeze the result to the maximum at the end of each cycle, you must be 200% devoted to your favorite work – bodybuilding. Any outside interests will only bother you. The most difficult thing here is to find a reasonable balance between fanaticism and the interests of loved ones. After all, training is your own business. Your hobby should not “seize the age” of your neighbors.

Rule two: you need to work out in trainings as it should.

The best training program costs nothing if you are not really doing your best in training. It is in the hall that a test of your strength takes place. And misfires occur. If you do not put extreme effort, then you need to forget about extreme success, even if you carefully observe all the other conditions of productive training. Love the hard work in bodybuilding. Enjoy the latest, most difficult repetitions in the approach, because muscle growth mainly depends on them.

Rule Three: Train under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Training under the supervision of an experienced partner bodybuilder – this is the right way to achieve maximum results. The partner will achieve from you what you are not able to achieve from yourself. At least at the final stage of the cycle, when you especially need encouragement and even “spinning up”, you should train for a couple with someone who is well versed in bodybuilding practice.

Fourth Rule: Bodybuilding Less is More

The harder the workout, the less exercise you need to do. Otherwise, the cumulative effect of overtraining will work, when the negative effects of super-heavy workouts overlap each other and overnight everything collapses. But that’s not all. Each exercise requires absolute concentration, and if a lot of exercise? It is clear that in the recent movements of the complex you will not be able to fully “invest.” This is the main reason for stagnation – the exercises are done superficially, half the maximum intensity.

My advice is this: if stagnation has begun, reduce the amount of training to a minimum. Perform each exercise in the following mode: warm up plus just one work set. You will immediately see how the weights jump up! Muscles will begin to increase again in volume. What is the reason? Yes, the fact that such a training regime requires much less time to recover. Over the same period of rest, you will recover in abundance, and this just means muscle growth!

Even if your business is going well, at the end of the cycle there is a direct reason to reduce the amount of training and even to cancel some exercises. Auxiliary movements – this is the first thing that should go “under the knife.” Moreover, it may be necessary to cancel one or two basic exercises. Let’s say you suddenly start to slip, doing squats. Then give up the deadlift, and then squatting again you can progress.

Fifth Rule: Train less muscle

The frequency of training is almost as important as their volume. By the end of the cycle, I advise you to reduce both. Reorganize the program so that overlapping exercises, for example, bench presses and chest presses, squats and deadlifts are performed on the same day. Then the working muscle groups will get at least a week’s respite. If the week is not enough, rest for a couple more days. And generally try to train less often. In particular, do squats and deadlifts once every ten days, no more. In short, experiment with the frequency of training. And what if this technique will help you stretch the cycle and you will be longer in the progress phase.

Rule Six: Increase Weight

The closer the end of the cycle, the more important it is to add weight quite a bit at a time: bodybuilding does not welcome haste. Usually you increased it by at least 2.5 kg per workout, but now you can’t do that. The only exceptions are those cases where you perform exercises with a limited amplitude and a very large weight. Then the increase may be more significant.

At the end of the cycle, I advise – add half a kilo per workout. This will allow you to easily cope with scheduled repetitions, especially in heavy basic exercises. However, in two exercises, squats and deadlifts, many even at the end of the cycle manage to add a kilo per week. As for the “small” exercises, like lifting biceps, then there are no exceptions. The limit is 200-400 g per week.

Rule Seven: Improve nutrition

At the end of the cycle, when you exert all your strength to move a little further, you must place special emphasis on nutrition.

Consume more animal protein. Moreover, the “additive” is better to take separately, in the form of an additional meal. Add to your regular daily ration two cans of tuna in your own juice or two protein cocktails that are easily absorbed by the body. Increasing your protein intake will increase your calories accordingly.

If you’re afraid of getting fat, compensate for protein by reducing fat and carbon intake.

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Bodybuilding and Aerobic
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