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How to learn to play football

They say about football “the king of sports”, “the game of millions”, someone claims that football is not a matter of life and death, but much more important. Examples can be given a lot. But this game is not to talk, but to play it. Watching on TV with friends is also very good, though, then you will not get those emotions when you score a goal in nine. Almost everyone plays football. The company went on a picnic and took the ball, in the companies the men establish corporate relations, playing on Saturdays, kick the ball in the yard, etc. So what should be done in order to not be ashamed to go along with the rest to the site? Do you want to learn at least to hit the ball, know where to run and when, then you need to go on the field occasionally, once in 3-4 weeks, no special additional exercises. There is still a big plus is your overall sports training. Understand, in sports, you can play an hour and a half. If not, playing once a month, you will get tired in the first 5 minutes, and this will all end.

If you want to beat opponents, hit less precisely, take the ball, you need to play 1 in 2-3 days. Your skills, endurance, self-reliance will be quite sufficient. But you have to understand that here you need to really run after each sword, join the selection, offer yourself for a pass, because, being a statistician on the football field, how often you wouldn’t play out of this.

Well, if you want to sparkle in football arenas, you will have to shed a lot of sweat. Every day, plow and plow. It is necessary to train everything. Speed, accuracy, impact force, endurance, technique, penalty kicks, the ability to take the ball. Moreover, you spend a huge amount of time on this, half an hour you will not get off.
These tips are suitable for most, and then your talent and perseverance will play a role. Not having a special talent, doing the above, you will be able to play quite well, but you will not become a high-level professional. Perhaps this is not all necessary.

Of great importance is who you will play with. The stronger your partners and opponents, the faster you will grow in quality. You do not need to choose weak opponents, of course, you will win them, amuse your pride, and the skill of football will not be greater.

An unpleasant moment, without which it is impossible to do – injuries. Football is a contact sport, clashes occur frequently, and it is sometimes impossible to avoid them. Small bruises, bumps should not be the reason not to go on the field. The leg hurts a lot, the ligaments are torn, dislocation, on the contrary, do not even think about playing until you restore your health completely, because you can be injured further. Nothing good follows from this. Even such subtlety as a uniform is important. Try to play in sneakers or boots, they just created for football. In sneakers wrong lift, learn to hang and throw the goalkeeper will be extremely difficult. Also, select an average quality ball. Cheap will still be too easy, the fun of the game is spoiled. Dear at the beginning of your football journey to anything, just a waste of money. To learn, you do not need the ball, played by Messi or Ronaldo. Playing in the summer, do it in 100% cotton T-shirts, they absorb sweat and any slags leave the body. Synthetics are not the body to normally perform the process of sweating. No learning occurs when a person does not feel enough comfort.

And the last thing: tuck on your leg! It is very important. First of all, taking the ball on foot will not cause any problems. Secondly, you will feel the ball much better.

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