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90% of people love swimming, and the desire to be in great shape is surely present in 100%. Water aerobics will help to combine business with pleasure.

Water aerobics is one of the types of aerobics, a characteristic feature of which is training in water. As a rule, classes are held in swimming pools. Ideal if the depth of the pool does not allow the bottom to touch the feet. In this case, the load on the muscles, and hence the effectiveness of the exercises will be maximized.

Water aerobics classes are held in small groups and always under the guidance of an instructor. Classes begin with a light warm-up (duration of 10-15 minutes), during which the muscles and body are prepared for the upcoming loads. During the warm-up exercises are performed to stretch the muscles, and it ends with exercises to warm up the body. After the warm-up comes the turn of the basic exercises, during which the exercises for the development of endurance and muscle strength, as well as training for the cardiovascular system are performed. And aerobic exercises are completed with a series of recovery exercises (lasting 5-10 minutes).

The number of exercises and the intensity of training are directly dependent on the composition of the group and the level of preparedness involved. For people without special medical contraindications, classes that take place at an average pace are recommended, with an increase in the level of training, the intensity and duration of classes should increase, and, conversely, easier workouts are shown for pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Pay attention to the temperature of the water in the pool, according to the rules, it should not be lower than 18 ° C, but you can not engage in too warm water, as this increases the load on the heart.

And most importantly – watch your feelings, on the one hand, training should not cause you discomfort, and on the other, you should feel that your muscles get enough exercise to increase the pace of exercise and the number of exercises, if necessary. .


The main advantage of aqua aerobics is the specificity of the classroom environment. Even from the school course of physics, we remember that the weight of a body immersed in water is less than in the air. This means that the load on the joints and the spine is significantly reduced. It is for this reason that occupations in the pool have practically no contraindications and are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, weight or physical form.

Also from the physics course, we remember that water is more dense in comparison with air, the environment, so doing any exercises in the aquatic environment involves a lot of effort and energy. The equipment designed specifically for practicing in water, including flippers, dumbbells, sticks, etc., also contributes to increasing the load. All these devices allow you to increase the load and increase the intensity of the exercises, and also the use of equipment makes training more interesting and diverse.

Another undoubted advantage of aqua aerobics is its low invasiveness. Classes in the aquatic environment virtually eliminate the possibility of careless sudden movements, most often leading to injury. This is especially important when performing stretching exercises – the buoyant force of water facilitates the stretching of muscles, and its resistance inhibits the speed of movements, preventing overstretching.

The benefits of water aerobics

Water aerobic exercises are useful for several reasons:

during exercise in the water decreases the load on the joints and the musculoskeletal system
in the water increases the load on the muscles, which, with regular exercises very quickly allows you to increase their strength, endurance and overall tone
the risk of injury in water is much less than on land
As practice shows, practicing in water causes people more pleasure. A well-known fact: boredom and lack of interest are the first reason for refusal from playing sports. Water aerobics will allow you to remember your childhood and be a child again.
water exercises stimulate blood circulation due to the massage effect
water effectively relieves stress and tension, helping to strengthen the nervous system
from constant occupations in the water, the skin is tightened, the state of health improves.
Water aerobics

When aerobics is useful:

With varicose veins. Water aerobic exercises reduce the load on diseased vessels, stimulate the outflow of venous blood and improve blood circulation in the body, providing a strong healing effect.

With problems with the joints and the musculoskeletal system. Water aerobics, removing most of the load from the spine and joints, provide an opportunity to strengthen muscles and develop sedentary joints.

When pregnancy. Aerobic exercise strengthens the immune system, allows you to unload the spine and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

If you want to lose weight. The strength of the resistance and the relatively low temperature of the water make it necessary to burn a large number of calories, making aqua aerobics a very effective way to combat excess weight.

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